Angelic Pretty ordering troubles. Help!

So as a newbie I finally ordered off AP after a year of just looking at Lolita fashion..
Now what I don't get is I ordered using a friend's credit card ( faster, and easier for me atm.)
But of course going through paypal I got my debit also paying somehow too 0___o
So credit is done paying,
and now I'm waiting for May 14 for debit to clear? Whaaaa!?
I've checked billions of times,
My credit is cleared, and I'm only getting what I put in my cart and only ONE of each.
Has anyone ever experienced this?
Any thoughts or soloutions?

I'm praying they see that money isn't really paying for anything and refund back to my debit, does AP do such a thing or are they just gonna take the money?

Thanks for all the help